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Located within

Carolina CrossFit

We Understand the Importance of Getting You Back to the Things You Enjoy

We understand the importance

of getting you back

to the things you enjoy.

Physical Therapy That Caters to You

Physical Therapy

That Caters To You

Columbia's Only Cash Based PT Clinic

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Columbia's Only Cash Based PT Clinic

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Vaughn Physical Therapy

Located at Carolina CrossFit, we offer one-on-one care, paving the way to better outcomes & faster results.

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  • Derek Poundstone's take home point for tire flipping:

    Keeping the arms wide purposefully puts the biceps at a mechanical disadvantage which forces the lifter to rely on the hips, thus preventing a biceps rupture.
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    Everyone is reminded that #dryneedling IS within the Physical Therapist scope of practice in South Carolina...that will be all. ... See MoreSee Less

    1 week ago  ·  

    Someone was put to sleep during the #MayweatherPacquiao fight on May 2...me.

    As boring as the fight was, I couldn't help but notice Manny Pacquiao's consistent scapular position during his power punches; that is partially retracted.

    This puts him at a mechanical advantage where he can generate more power vs punching from a fully retracted position (think squeezing your shoulder blades together).

    Scapular control – or the ability to position the shoulder blades appropriately – is absolutely essential to safe and effective upper extremity movement. In order for that to occur, though, the shoulder blades have to start in the correct position

    Recently, I have had success facilitating this "Pacquiao packed" scapular position for strength & conditioning athletes using functional exercises like bat wings and crawling patterns (pictured below).

    Scapular position in weightlifting is certainly debatable, but I find that constantly cuing fully retracted, or "fully packed" shoulder blades is often counter-productive and doesn't translate well into functional activities.
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